Computer Engineering

Dr. Y. D. Sinkar
Dr. Y.D. Sinkar
Head of Department
Contact No:-9657726150
HOD Message

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce one of the Best Computer Department in rural areas. Our Computer Department Faculty is cultivating rural students for becoming creator of such technologies that will make constant improvement in health, quality life and economic well being of every common masses in the universe. We motivate students to handle uncertain situations, with confidence and excellence by providing them experiential learning opportunities. Further we understands the importance of student's involvement in various external and internal professional bodies to helps them in bridging the technology gap between Industry- academia, enriches knowledge and skill in latest industry trends. So “Join us, Learn and Lead the Technology Creations”.



To be nationally recognized as a centre of excellence in Computational Science & Engineering.



To provide quality education with multidisciplinary skills for solving social problems in the field of Computer  Engineering 

Program Educational Objectives(PEO’s)

PEO 1:

To develop competent computer engineer who can be an entrepreneur, industrialist, or excellent employee.

PEO 2:

To produce motivated and committed graduates with lifelong attitude & multidisciplinary thinking.

PEO 3:

Able to built solutions for social challenges by applying fundamentals & disruptive technologies.

PEO 4:

To prepare the graduates with strong managerial and communication skills to work effectively as individual as well as in teams.

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