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Prof. I. H. Patel

Prof. I. H. Patel

Welfare Officer


At SVPM's College of Engineering the student welfare department is established to help students to advance their academic as well as personal abilities

It targets at avoiding the hindrances that may come in the part of a student's learning process so that they can be qualified professional upon national and international levels. The department facilitates a positive academic environment to the students and helps them to proceed in their career with minimal obstruction. During the stay of students in the campus, this department is responsible for solving all the student's grievances and facilitating opportunities for co-operation, teamwork, social instruction and intercultural understanding.

The student welfare deparment is focused on offering a large variety of services for betterment of quality of life of students.

Objective of Students welfare department:-
  • To enhance the overall personality of students in all spheres of life.
  • To bring out the hidden talents of students by providing opportunities.
  • To motivate students for participation in various activities, competitions at university, state and national level.
  • To inculcate self reliance and boost the confidence among students for their overall development.
  • To provide various schemes for development and betterment of students.

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