Civil Engineering

 Prof. Pingale Navnath Pandurang
Dr. Kate Gunavant Kashinath
Head of Department
HOD Message

Welcome to the Department Civil Engineering at SVPM College of Engineering Malegaon (Bk). We started our journey in the year of 1990. Our Civil Engineering department is able with a high caliber, dedicated, well qualified and skilled team of efficiently inclined faculty. To sustain global competition, innovative techniques will be utilized to expose the students to the latest trends and practices in the construction industry through various activities like site visits, seminars by experts from fields and technical projects.

The main objective of department of Civil Engineering is to contribute the practical experience with students, essential skills along with ethics, fulfill their professional duties and responsibilities in teamwork, technical leadership and industry expertise. This will provide the path of quality education to the students in order to serve society and contributions to the nation by providing solutions to the challenges in the field of civil engineering.

Last of all, it is my pleasure to work with such well distinguished faculty and passionate students attaining our department mission and vision.



"To be recognized as a center of technical excellence in the field of Civil Engineering."



To impart value based quality technical education through integration of academics, industrial needs and societal responsibilities.

Program Educational Objectives(PEO’s)

PEO 1:

To provide relevant engineering experience in designing and conducting experiments as well as analyzing the significance of the experimental data.

PEO 2:

Graduates will develop professional skills that prepare them for immediate employment or postgraduate study in Civil Engineering disciplines.

PEO 3:

Graduates will develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social and human context, in which their engineering contributions will be utilized.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs):


PSO 1:

Plan and layouts for buildings, other structures for professional success.


PSO 2:

Estimate, design, analyze and test the all kind of civil engineering structures with quality and safety aspect through technical knowledge.


PSO 3:

Apply, analyze, design, and assess the water resources systems with sustainable environmental considerations.


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